Whats your favourite tripod?

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28DL Regular User
Regular User
Nov 19, 2009
Avoid one with two or less legs…me personally have a fuck off manfrotto and i love it, but to be honest i seem to be the only one these days with a tripod when we go out, the others use very high ISO and shoot wide open and still get cracking results…i'm from the old school i guess.

The Lone Ranger

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I dis use a Manfrotto, a great exploring tripod, but the ball head was getting worn. Upgraded to a Manfrotto Befree (MKBFRA4-BH) it's light, compact and easy to set up and use, seems robust too - price may put folk off at £140ish, but had no issues yet and great for landscape photography/long exposure shots even in very strong winds.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Oct 19, 2013
Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Get a tripod that supports your Camera & Lens combo sufficiently with some margin for heavier lenses or Camera upgrades & has the features you"ll need for your chosen interests ?

The question should be what Tripod & what Tripod Head really

I actually use 4 different types & sizes of Tripods & 3 different heads.

Carbons great for being lighter than Ali so it"s a bonus if climbing, but it"s not much use in a fast flowing stream of :turd or anything else flowing TBH as i have to lean on it to stop it pissing off with my Camera ;) which is a little hard if you"re trying to light paint etc etc

Large Ali" Tripod for the places where i"m gonna need height or weight (see above) or spread, but not much use inside tight confines.

Try & find a dealer :confused: who has a range to try out rather than go off Joe Bloggs recc" as all makes have issues & limitations which may not suit you ?. But tha same goes for Cameras. It seems most people get what their mates have got without trying stuff out, whether it"s the best option or not!

I personally use Giottos stuff with some Mods to suit me. Along with a modified Manfrotto Clamp. So far i"ve only killed 2 Tripod legs & 1 was due to a 60ft drop lol so can recc" them for durability.

Cue Manfrotto debate ....Good luck ;)


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28DL Full Member
@norfolkexplorer Was recommended a 3leggedthing recently, they look very well made, however was more after something I could just knock about for this buy. If I need to upgrade my good tripod I'll be looking again at what they have to offer :thumb
Personally I would go with the Manfrotto as they are built better.. I only have the 3 legged thing as I wanted a light weight tripod


Yung explorer
28DL Full Member
Aug 28, 2015
Got a velbon ex440, probably one of the cheapest you can get for okay quality but lasted me for a while... Except the little dent in one of the legs. but it's light and feels sturdy, tho not so great in windy conditions :/

Dave W

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Dec 1, 2009
I've just spunked £££s on an all carbon and mag alloy Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 to replace an ageing manfrotto 725B which I've had for years.
I've only bought the new tripod as I have started using a full frame DSLR rather than the 300d i've had for the last ten years and along with a new (to me) L series lens its a lot heavier than the previous camera/lens combination.

I've actually been a bit disappointed with the new purchase - The tripod itself is as light as anything but by the time you've fitted a medium sized ball head to it (I even bought the lightweight magnesium one) its pretty much as heavy as a standard alloy 190series with a normal compact ball head.
I sort of feel i was expecting more of a difference for £380.
Cant fault it for stability or ease of setup though.

For most casual users though I cant recommend the 725B or equivalent enough though - I think its pretty much the same as the one @Oxygen Thief mentions but with a different head. Think the current versions are badged as "BeFree" or something.

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Aug 12, 2012
I use 2...

One Manfrotto 190XDB with some very sturdy 3D 3 way head but the weight and height is a pain in the arse! The height is fantastic and don't think an earthquake would shift it! Only other problem is they is no quick release plate :(

I also use a giottos vgrn9225 what is fantastic! It has a closed height of 32cm and a max height of 135. It also comes with a brilliant little case that hooks perfectly onto my Lowepro Fast Pack 100 bag. Only problem I think they have sadly stopped making this. I think @The Amateur Wanderer has something very similar that they still make...

If you want a cheaper alternative Manfrotto fixed head ball heads always seem to be a brilliant option for about £50 and can be picked up from an Argos or Currys


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Sep 2, 2014
Ok, thanks guys. looks like is not worth spending a load of money on an expensive on, Manfrotto 718SHB it is then.