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What's your standard gear?


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It's quite situational aswell. So if the police get called in because secca have caught you and you are causing lots of trouble and getting aggressive with them, then having a blade on you is gonna get you in a world of trouble. On the other hand if you are pleasant and it can be seen that you are being polite and have a good attitude then it will be way less of an issue.

I actually asked this question on the r/UKpolice subreddit a while back, and the generaly opinion that as long as you weren't caught on a dark street corner where there was recently trouble, and the tool itself is reasonably sensible justify, then your gonna be okay. ie small SAK multitool or a smaller leatherman ie easier to justify as its got a wide range of uses. However a dedicated folding blade like a Spyderco or Opinel is harder to justify as its got less general uses, even know they might still be 'legal carrys'.

To be honest its all a bit grey, but don't be a tit, have a good reason ready and you should be okay.
Good advice, thanks. If only we could rely on common sense from the plods like we used to be able to.


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If you're going to go underground, don't forget that air quality might not be what you hope it is... ...I'm a bit paranoid and tend to borrow / take an oxygen & CO2 monitor (mostly for mine stuff). Sometimes folk don't realise that the toxic level for CO2 (>=1 % by volume) won't register on an oxygen meter as being asphyxiant (=<19 volume %). In limestone rich areas that have been undisturbed for a while, a CO2 layer can form at low level that you can "kick up" if you move through it. Makes getting back a tad problematic if you're unaware of the problem! Keep safe!


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My regular kit:
•A couple good torches
•first aid kit
•friend or two to explore with
• phones and power bank
• gloves
• boots
•food and water, I love to have a snack break halfway round or at the top of anything tall :)
• small pair of binoculars
•all this goes in a backpack
• respirator
I think that’s a pretty complete list, any thoughts?


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Low light
A7s2 /16-35mm Zeiss lens a1000 gimbal cn-160 light
Hero 3+

Day light
Hero 7
Mavic 2 Pro
Osmo pocket
Sessions 5 for b roll

Lowe pro bag and a waterproof /dry bag
Anker powerbank
Cables and sd cards

Gloves and a good pair of climbing shoes
4g coverage is a bonus



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  • Thick Gloves
  • Thick soled hiking boots
  • Waterproof coat & trousers
  • Baseball cap/ Woolly hat (if hot/cold)
  • Thermal leggings & top (if cold)
  • Torches and backup batteries
  • Portable LED floodlight (50W)
  • Portable GPS
  • DSLR Camera + GoPro
  • Drone (for initial reconnaissance & aerial photos)
  • Penknife/Multi-tool
  • Rope (explore dependent)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Backup phone (in case of emergency)
  • Baby wipes & hand sanitizer
  • Glow Sticks
  • Whistle
  • Respirator
  • Geiger counter (for explores with risk of radioactivity)
  • Carbon Monoxide detector (for enclosed/poorly ventilated spaces)
  • Air Quality Monitor (for enclosed/poorly ventilated spaces)
  • Phone
  • Power Bank
  • Food & Drink

We've built up quite a list of stuff to bring over the years, mainly just through trial and error.

Safety is extremely important to us, and we've luckily come out of numerous sketchy situations unscathed thanks to our safety equipment:

Might seem like a lot of stuff to carry, but honestly I wouldn't go on an explore without it.


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Mad to hear all this concern about mini SAKs...have things really got that bad in the 8 or so years I've been abroad?

Baggy trousers

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Old clothes
Decent footwear
Mask and gloves

Everything else is really down to yourself/common sense.

Derp beer/snacks essential. Also roll ups/fags.


Not to be taken seriously
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This has probably been covered by others, but here goes
Basic 1st aid kit
2 torches (incase one craps out)
Spare batteries
Water bottle
Something to smoke

Down and beyond

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Caving suit
Hard hat
Head torch
Spare torch x2
Phone for photos
Water 1L
Energy drink 1L
Pork scratchings 4 bags for more energy
4x gas meter
Roll ups X100 lol
All depends on the requirements on the mine itself their always different research any mine before even attempting to enter it I say !


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Jeez that warmbac's just tooo shiny and new, never been aywhere that's needed BA though!!