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Lead or Rumour info - Wheatsheaf Works - Leicester


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Having a search on the forum for locations in Leicester where I was at uni for three years and was surprised that this place doesn't appear to have been mentioned.

Wheatsheaf Works is a huge old factory just off Welford Road near Knighton Fields that I used to walk past everytime we played football. It was boarded up back then (2008ish) and looked pretty worse for wear. It used to be a shoe factory, but since fell into disrepair. According to the internet it's about to be developed - http://wheatsheafworks.com/home.html - so if any explorers fancy having a look, now is the time to strike! Unfortunately I'm not able to get up to Leicester any time soon, so can't check it out myself.

Streetview here: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=kni...code_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CCcQ8gEwAA

And some photos:



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that the Co-Op Shoe factory, yep its quite sad to see it in such a state.


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It's being developed atm but I'm up for a nosey to see if it's still possible to get in. I know a few Leicester uni students who are up for it too. Dodgy with the police station right round the corner so it would have to be sneaky but had my eye on it for a while.