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Report - Whitchurch Hospital (Cardiff County Asylum), Cardiff - September 2017


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Whitchurch Hospital
(also known as Cardiff County Asylum)

A bit of history...

Costing £350,000 and ten years to build, the Cardiff City Asylum opened on 15 April 1908. The main hospital building covered 5 acres (2.0 ha), designed to accommodate 750 patients across 10 wards, 5 each for men and women. Like many Victorian institutes, it was designed as a self-contained institute, with its own 150 feet (46 m) water tower atop a power house containing two Belliss and Morcomsteam engine powered electric generator sets, which were only removed from standby in the mid-1980s. The site also contained a farm, which provided both food supplies and therapeutic work for the patients.
During World War II, part of the hospital was turned over to the military, becoming the largest emergency service hospital in South Wales, treating British, US Army and German personnel. 200 beds were retained for civilian use, which enabled early treatment of post traumatic stress disorder of military patients.
The hospital closed it's doors for the final time in mid 2016.


Well it's safe to say it's been a long time coming. We were not the first in here by a long shot, and certainly won't be the last.
This place has been teasing us for a while so when we actually managed to get in and have a wander around it was a damn good feeling!


This was the first time as tried it in early 2016. Drove the car to almost touching the back door, got out and just walked in guns blazing. Predictably this did not go to plan and we'd been stopped after, at a guess, five minutes tops. Some lovely nursing staff talked to us about the building's history for a bit whilst escorting us back to the door.


This was the next time. Didn't even make it inside this time... Made out way around the entire perimeter and were just weighing up some possible options when these friendly chaps found us. Again, nicest of people, but made sure we were bound for the exit.


This was another time forward a few months again. We made it into various out buildings but nothing into the real deal. Made do with taking photos - well - exactly as above. Befriended some local kids (chavs) who showed us round the external again but when they started smashing windows in broad daylight we thought it time to bolt as wanted nothing to do with that!

SO fast forward more months still and it's been cropping up here and there on various sites. This seems like a good time to give it another shot so a day is set aside and off we go for try #xx. Cue another criminally expensive bridge toll and a McBreakfast. Naturally, we arrived later than planned *insert Bristol joke here*

It turns out @tumbles is also headed there so after a heads up (cheers mate) and some hand gestures up to the top of the tower, we're in.

About half way through the day we do end up bumping into tumbles and his group (albeit scaring the hell out of each other) so then there were 7 of us. That is... until we then bump into another group later on, meaning all in all by the end there were around 10 of us running around the place! Always the best way, and good to meet a few new faces as well as catch up with old ones.



@WhoDaresWins with a funny head.















I can't tell you how excited I get over asylum water towers... they're just great




Now... this is where the day got interesting. Naturally, whilst walking around these places a few noises get you on edge. So it was as we were stood in a small room just off one of the main corridors that we heard what we thought was another one of said noises. It sounded like a radio... no sooner had we passed it off as nothing more when a security guard and two police officers walked past the door. No sooner had we all bolted for the exit on the other side of the room when they came bolting back after and barged in through the door. Some got gripped, others didn't. Safe to say that, after a little game of cat and mouse, the determined and mildly pissed off security guard caught up with us in the least likely place. Quick exchange of details with the fuzz who were all sound, and we were on our way out through the front door.


The only photo I got of the admin building as at least 7 of us were being whisked through it - frustrating isn't even the word.


I think I've had more dealings with police in Wales than I have in England. #heddlu

And made the news for a second time in Wales...

Sorry for rambling on, but thought it was about time I did a report!

Until next time x
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Shit man, I thought you had retired :D, cool photos Seth and good to hear that the Fuzz were cool with you all.
says 20 people caught in the last month alone :O and 3 people arrested for burglary in the news article, obviously some not just taking photos :(


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Great write up! Certainly was a great day, particularly getting up the water tower. Hopefully I'll get to see a little more of it before it's too late.

Pretty sure we covered every square foot of those tunnels though.


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Shit man, I thought you had retired :D, cool photos Seth and good to hear that the Fuzz were cool with you all.
says 20 people caught in the last month alone :O and 3 people arrested for burglary in the news article, obviously some not just taking photos :(
Kinell if he's retired I'm fucked as he always says that to me!

The police caught a group of 10-12 kids outside the fence last week of which two had got inside the fence. They then felt the need to warn people away and go to the papers. Looks like it had the desired effect!

Before long they'll get fed up and tell security to sort their shit out!


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nice photos and a good write up too. shame it was cut short by security. Nice to meet you fella :thumb


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Nice report seffy and well done for getting that water tower done, jeez i want that - its a monster!


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