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Report - White Rocks Holiday Complex, Malta



Be gentle. This is my first time reporting.

These photos were taken in June 2008.

White Rocks Holiday Complex began life in the 1960s as a residence for married personnel. As this Government report from 1995 relates:

"Works on the White Rocks Complex started in the 1960's and various extensions were added at later stages. The project was initially designed to cater for servicemen in the British armed forces but when the military personnel left the Islands, the project was gradually converted into a holiday complex. The present complex is run by the Secretariat for Tourism and provides holiday accommodation, particularly for English language students during the summer months."

"The site lies on the north-eastern coast of Malta some 500m due NE of Madliena Fort, around 500m due west of the Pembroke Rifle Ranges and l km due east of the settlement at Bahar ic-Caghaq (see Figure 1). The total site has an area of 369,000m2 and a perimeter of 2,700m. The White Rocks Holiday Complex and its grounds occupy approximately 135,600 sq.m. of land on the southern part of the site, which comprises roughly 38% of the total site area. The north west and extreme south of the site comprise agricultural land and this amounts to approximately 23% of the total site area. Garigue and rocky steppe extend over the rest of the area, down to the coastal strip to the north of the site, which is approximately 870m. long. Just outside the boundary of the site, to the extreme north-west, the White Rocks Caravan Site is situated on the coast. The south of the site is defined by the Coast Road which links
Pembroke to St Paul’s Bay."

There is also a waterpark, Splash & Fun, and an animal theme park, Mediterraneo, right beside it.

Nothing as been done since the 1995 report and the buildings have fallen into greater and greater disrepair. Fortunately Malta's buildings are almost exclusively limestone blocks and concrete or there would be nothing left.

Security is non-existent and you can ramble about the site as you please, just avoiding Maltese that may be "camping" or picnicking or whatever. They generally don't like foreigners to interrupt them whatever they are doing.

General note: The area is covered in garbage as people and companies dump illegally to avoid having to pay. This is common on many Maltese neglected sites. Since there is no property tax places can sit empty for decades especially if there is a squabble over a will. You can have a dozen or more people arguing over a property for years.

Thanks for any and all feedback. Malta is a good place to explore. Just watch out for the hunters during spring and fall in the less developed areas.




















28DL Member
28DL Member
I went to this place in 1982 whilst on holiday with my mum and dad as the place we were staying didn't have a pool so we went to White Rocks and used theirs. If I remember rightly the apartment blocks still had the lookout/machine gun posts on the tops of them from when it was previously owned by the military. Can't believe what it looks like now.


28DL Member
28DL Member
I went to this place in 1982 with my mum and dad whilst on holiday as the place we stayed didn't have a pool so we went to White Rocks as the pool was massive. If I remember rightly the tops of the apartment blocks still had the lookout posts on the top or machine gun posts from when it was under the military.


28DL Member
28DL Member
I think the structures on top of the apartment blocks you refer to were where the water tanks were situated, at least they were in the mid/late '70s when I lived in one. They were built in the 1960's as Junior Officers Quarters, long after WW2 was over.


28DL Member
28DL Member
I should have added that the quarters were known as St.Patrick's OMQ. We often visit Malta for a holiday and always take a peak at our old home, each time we visit they've deteriorated more and more. They were superb, well-built homes in a fantastic location, and it is an absolute disgrace, bordering on the insane, to let them get into their current state.


28DL Member
28DL Member
Does anyone have old picture of how white rocks used to be? I am trying to research bit there s not much online.. thanks