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Report - White Rocks Pillbox - Balchik - Bulgaria - July 2013


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Visited with my little helper - Ro :)

This is one of the few pillboxes located in town Balchik ( Balchik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )by White Rocks, which was strategically important during the Second World War - military airport, military port and base. It wasn't easy to get there, it's hardly visible from the coast. Before I went there I had a chat with one of my stepdad's neighbour who gave me directions how to get there and some info about the history of the pillbox, which was built during the Second World War - between 1940 and 1941.
One afternoon, after day spent on sunbathing, swimming and building sand castles, I decided to check it out. I wanted to leave little Ro with my stepdad, but she refused to stay at home, so had to take her with me along with one of her my little ponies, which apparently wanted to go exploring with us :)
White Rocks is one of the poorest area in Balchik, with local Gypsies living there. I promised my dad that we would choose the longer way up hill avoiding White Rocks, but in the end I wasn't that bothered and we found ourself right in the middle of Gypsy district. Soon after we were surrounded by at least 20 local kids, asking us what we are actually doing there... After short conversation with some adults (during my every summer trips to Bulgaria I learned few words in local Gypsies dialect, which was always useful), we had two kids delegated (very proud and excited) to show us the safest way up hill.
Little Ro was very excited when we finally found our pillbox, insisted to check it inside and then even climbed the top of it...and of course she was wearing my headtorch all the time.

Here is few pics:


Исус means Jesus in Bulgarian...

Way in:








View from the top:



And little Ro (and my little pony) wearing her headtorch :)


On our way back we stopped again by the Gypsies area, to thank them and also take some pics of their cute donkeys. Ro loved her headtorch so much that she was wearing it all evening after our trip, telling everyone that she went to check 'stone box' and it was very interesting:)