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Report - White Satin Amalgamated Sugar Plant in Loveland, Colorado (March 2015)

Jim Sullivan

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Northeastern Colorado has quite a few sugar mills, and a few of them are abandoned. The White Satin plant in Loveland, Colorado was the first one I've checked out. I didn't manage to get inside any of the large buildings because they were sealed up pretty tight. Not to mention, there was a lot of activity in the area and "No Trespassing" was spraypainted all over the place, so I decided not to risk it. I did get inside two tiny buildings and walked through the giant shell of a structure.

Sugar beets grow well in temperate climates, and are able to grow in 12 of the 50 states. The industry was supported by government subsidies and tariffs, but beet sugar became less profitable in the 70s, leading to the closure of many sugar mills. Competition from cane sugar (which is allegedly superior for baking), increased use of artificial sweeteners and fructose, and the expiration of the tariffs and quotas were too much for the beet sugar industry to handle.




Behind the shell of a building is a little railway depot where freight trains were loaded up with sugary goodness.


The bridge contained a conveyor belt for moving sugar from the storage building to the processing plant.





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It looks a whole lot better on your site compared to what you've posted on here. Maybe you should put some of the more interesting pics and write up on here as well ?

Lots of people won't follow links unless theirs juices have been stirred sufficiently ☺


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Blimey. That's you told Jim. And a warm welcome from me too ;-)
It's called advice ....I think ;)

It's always gonna be a tough call to get people interested enough to go to your linked site, so why sell your elf short by keeping the better pics and write ups hidden on this site ? So people immediately move onto the next new post.

Matters not to me it's just a suggestion :D


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Only clicked the link because of the comments, and it certainly does look a lot better.
It'd be great to start seeing more write ups from you like the one on the site :)