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Report - White Star Mansion, USA March 2015


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Dull weekend here so thought I'd drag another couple of locations out the archive and post them for people to see.

My friend found this mansion totally at random one day when he took a wrong turn on the way to the vets, although he never actually tried exploring it until I was there with him. According to research he did prior to the explore, it was seemingly owned, at one time, by a survivor of the Titanic sinking. On entering it was an odd sight, as it appeared to be midway through a renovation with fresh paint and plaster on walls and new looking flooring in places whereas other rooms were in a more advanced state of decay and the attic rooms were covered in shitty kid tags. What we think happened is that the house was being renovated and was then shuttered for the extremely harsh winter that occurred that year (and was still going on when I was there), as not long after my visit and the weather improved, my friend reported that work had begun once more on the house and it is now renovated.

There wasn't a whole lot left inside other than some rather beautiful fireplaces and a weird full length fold-out mirror thing hidden behind a door. The lighting inside the house was atrocious in places due to the glare from the snow and the fairly dark interiors, so my photos kinda suffered a bit in areas.

Thanks for looking :)