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Report - Whittingham Hospital July 1 2012


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28DL Full Member
This was my first post. It was in the relevant thread but typical internet, the smart ones are always the first to comment.

Its taken a lot to even feel the desire to log back on and re-share this. I did spit my dummy and did take my post down.
I have little patience for quick quips and jibes.

But here goes.

I and a fellow contortionist hit whittingham this weekend just passed.

Wow, I had no idea of the scale of the place, at the time I felt like we had been everywhere yet looking back i feel like we only scratched the surface. Im still thinking about it today and won't stop thinking about.

As for the site entrance, it was probably the hardest Ive attempted, it was certainly fraught with danger. After wriggling under a fence we had to dodge a full cricket match and the bowls players, but we made it unscathed.

Boy was it worth it.

Im not putting up all my snaps as we know whats inside. I was amazed at the state of the degradation, startling to say the least.
I'll admit it i didn't look at one point and I had a foot fall through the floor... panic.
\Thank god I was only on the ground floor and not up on the top wards.


Simple carbs, quick energy.... who you kidding?




no roof left on large portions of the corridors, resulting in not much floor left. Getting around the site once in was difficult and negotiating along the corridors was no mean feat. Most of what is left is little more than the beams under the floorboards.
Anyway, return trip is on the cards.


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