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Report - Wigan College of Technology, Wigan (Dec 2011)


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We went here to have a crack at the tower, we've wanted to for a while as one of my mates windows looks out towards it. We arrived and unfortunately the tower seemed pretty secured, so rather than do nothing we would have a mooch in the old college, since we have already done the bunker. The college is a large place but unfortunately its completely stripped and full of derp, I only took 4 photos in the whole place! Downstairs was small bits of paperwork and a few desks, but other than that the place is empty!

We made it up to the roof and it was a nice chill out with some nice views, which made it worthwhile. It was frozen up there and you could go Skiiing down parts of the roof :D

I cant seem to gather much history, however, Wigan and Leigh College was formed in April 1992 through the merger of Wigan College of Technology (formerly Wigan Mining and Technical College) and Leigh College. From what I can gather, after the merger, Wigan College of Technology and Leigh College closed down, and a new college was built next door to this disused building. Plans have been made to turn the building into apartments.

Visited with squeezethatgap and 2 other non members.

Edit: Just found this:
Rylands Mill
The wasteland at the front of mill is now Mesnes Park. When the mill closed, it was taken over by a mail order company. It is now a major site of Wigan Technical College renamed as the Pagefield Building.

#1 - Towards winter hill

#2 - Towards Liverpool

#3 - Towards wigan

#4 - Towards Liverpool

#5 - Looking towards winter hill!

#6 - The college

#7 -Isn't it beautiful?

#8 - Phwoarr, even better!

#9 - Look at all these pillars!


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