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Lead or Rumour info - Wigan factory ang go kart track near Wigan Roller Rink


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I went roller-skating a few weeks ago at Wigan Roller Rink and noticed a massive, what looked to be abandoned, factory beside it, didn't feel like exploring it because the only entry point was climbing a 20 foot wall so we left, I went back a couple weeks later with my to go Go-karting to find that the Go-Karting place had been shut down for a while (their website did not mention this) but I remembered the hole in the wall so I walked round to it and climbed up and the factory seemed to be abandoned and untouched, presumably the Go-Karting track was also accessible from the factory as they were connected. I didn't go in because no one I was with could climb the wall and we'd already booked another go-karting track to go to so we left.

I went back last night to see if we could get in with some friends and a rope but the Wigan Roller Rink was having a late night event and the carpark was packed, we were still wanting to go in so walked around looking for another entry point but couldn't find one and then the police showed up presumably the bouncer at the Roller Rink called them as we were looking a bit sketchy with camera equipment and rope... funnily enough some of the lights in the factory on but we are almost certain it is abandoned because of the hole in the wall and all the entrances being boarded up.

Still haven't got a chance to go in but we're planning to go again when hopefully no one will be there. The factory looks like a great explore but I haven't seen any posts about it at all... maybe its because access is hard and risky. If anyone does have photos inside but hasn't made a report please share them with me so I can see if its worth an explore.

Note worthy information:
  • The police took around 40-45 minutes to respond
  • There are a few houses overlooking it so its best to go in the afternoon when people are at work
  • There is possibly a motion detecting camera watching the wall we were hoping to enter from, this didn't trigger the police to be called though and wouldn't make much sense because it detects motion in a carpark
  • It is difficult to climb up
  • Check www.wiganrollerrink.com for their opening times to avoid the carpark being full
This is a picture of the factory from the outside off google maps

This is the way to get to the factory without scaling the barbed wire fence

The wall you have to climb to get in

I don't have any good photos of the inside, only a terrible quality video...



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Engine hall to Eckersley mill. If you search "the gauntlet" on here there is a report I did a few years back...


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@Lewipoll yeah I've noticed that place myself I'm gonna give it a whirl at some point in the next moth Il let YOU know how I get on!

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