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Lead or Rumour info - Wigan Lunatic Asylum???

Mr & Mrs Smith

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Girl mentioned this in work said her brother has been

I tried searching the forum but has there ever been a wigan lunatic asylum?




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just asked my mate, she's lived there 40 odd years, never heard of it. She does live in Scholes though. Loony central.


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Well, if you get a location, give me a shout :D


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I was thinking this, but with her saying she will have pics and a name im hoping ill have more info tomorrow, if weve never been who is up for it soon?
Billinge Hospital did start out as a "Poor Law Infirmary". I visited there in 2006, there was quite a bit of stuff left then, but it was also pretty beat up. I do remember seeing an old school wood and fabric stretcher stood up near the operating theatre.

Have a look at this.

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