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Wigan Old Town Hall


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28DL Member
Hi, long time lurker and no time poster on this registration (although I was a bit chatty many, many moons ago!)

Anyway, I know this building has been mentioned on here many times before, however things have changed a bit recently, and under the radar it would seem. There is a small story (here)

It seems that after decades of neglect on this abandoned building that demolition work has started on some unsafe parts of the building. This can't auger well for the rest of the place unfortunately. :(

Baron Silas Greenback

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28DL Member
It has all but gone now & been totally razed to the ground being smashed to pieces & into hardcore.

Even the ornate stone corbels were unceremoniously smashed up & broken in the demolition.
You would have thoughts that at least some pieces would have gone for reclamation.

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