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Report - Wigan Underground - WW2 Bunker


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After hearing rumours of a WW2 bunker in Wigan I decided to go take a look. After originally meeting up with a guy I know from the area we went for a mooch where one of the believed entrances were concealed.

Originally opened in 1938, there isn't much history I can find for this place, but looking at the access I would say that it was used possibly by the forces as well as the public from nearby houses?

Constructed of blast proof concrete this underground network of tunnels was quite substantial and could easily house between at least 200 people comfortably if not more.

I did manage to find this old photo of one of the public entrances nearby, which is now sadly sealed and gone forever.


After using a makeshift sling out of some discarded rope, we managed to scale this great big iron fence in order to reach our intended destination, needles to say it wasn't long before we spotted the access point.

In no time we were down the ladder and underground once again. This bunker was relatively small compared to others I have visited, but is always interesting to experience first hand how people spent their time during the blitz.

Unfortunately all other entrances were capped or built over, and as you can see from the photos many sections of tunnel have been backfilled.

Todays access looked more like an escape hatch or some kind of 'forces' entrance.

I am fascinated by such places and hope to see more like it over time, and indeed if anyone has any more info about such places then please feel free to share.

Thanks for looking :thumb



Backfilled Tunnels - Some accessible (Just)




Lonely Chairs

Air Shaft

Oil Drum

Passageway, with gate possibly leading to public section?

Smoking or Non-Smoking

'Searching for water'

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