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Report - WILD BOAR HOTEL (JUNE 2020)

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HISTORY - The Wild Boar Hotel, formerly known as Beeston Towers, was built in 1886 for John Naylor, a timber merchant from Warrington.
The original building has been surrounded with additional extensions over the years, but the splendour of the past still remains. The centre section was the first to be erected and consisted of a number of rooms with a small Ballroom on the second floor looking out over the Cheshire plain. Some of the many interesting features of the building include a number of Gargoyles which still ward off Evil Spirits today, as well as two wood carvings of the Brothers which depict how they saw each other, (these can be found opposite each other on pillars in the Penthouse).This originated as a country house named Beeston Towers, which was timber-framed with jettying. Repeated additions and alterations were made during the 20th century in rendered brick. The building was used at one time as a school, and later converted into a public house, restaurant and hotel. It is a complex building, with features including much decorative timber-work, a tower, a lantern, and an octagonal belvedere. Some windows are mullioned or mullioned and transomed, and others are oriel windows.
the property has recently been purchased by a Liverpool building company with its intentions to refurbish and re open which is questionable given the current circumstances and recent vandalism

THE EXPLORE - june 2020,a very strange tine for everyone as we were beggining to come out of a nationwide lockdown and rules were slowly being eased we decided to visit this location in separate vehicles.this is a place that became very popular online and we decided we should explore before the metal thief’s,arsonist and vandals got there first.we were very surprised at the lack of security and how easily accessible this place was,we encountered a couple of Groups of other explorers upon our arrival.
as we began to our explore is was great to see a location as fresh and untouched as this place with its walls and windows still intact definitely not what we are used to,we went thr the whole area taking in the handmade staircases and chandelier.
we were able to also get on the roof and capture a Sunset.
on the opposite end of the site we realised there was building work being carried out and found out later that they were planning on doing the place up but had to haunt there plans due to COVID.
this was a very good explore for us and different to what we normally do, since we last visited there has been a lot of reports and even videos and picture evidence on vandals destroying the place.ive seen a video of a middle aged man arms full of metal filling up his Volvo, a video of someone swinging From the chandelier and numerous pictures of pretty much most of the windows smashed (there was hardly any when we visited)these are the reasons ive posted late and tried not to give the location away to much, I’ve heard a rumour that there is on site security now and police driving past routinely due to the high amounts of reports of people in there.
whether this is true or not I’m glad we got to explore this place whilst it was still in good condition.



















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Seems strange if they want to develop it that they’d let it get messed up....ulterior motives maybe?
It was reportedly in the beginning stages of renovation before COVID hit, work stopped, it got splashed across social media by the sort of 'social media explorers' who don't understand discretion, it then got totally ruined by the tourbus of explorers and morons. The standard life cycle of almost any location that is pretty much exclusively targeted by the 'exploring with' types.

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Nice shots, your showcase some really nice bits. Shame its trashed now. :thumb

Could you pop Beeston, Cheshire in title bar please, just per forum rules.


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I went a few days ago, the lead and copper thieves have been and trashed the place, I was so angry and upset. You've got some great shots, glad you got to see it before it got trashed.


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I have been a few times over the space of a few weeks. And each time I have seen more and more damage has occurred. Its a shame. The last time I went 4 different groups of people were there some messing around.


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won’t be long until someone else comes along rips off the boards and ruins the place more

that aside, beautiful building and well photographed :)

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