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Report - Wilderness woods deep shelter Tunbridge Wells june


Tunnels never use to be this tight!!
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Thought we would have a look last night.

Waders on and in we went...... yeah it gets pretty deep half way through.... so only a couple of pics.

explored with @Stimpakman

Bit of history.

Between 1940 and 1941 a network of tunnels was excavated sixty feet below Hargate Forest on the south side of Broadwater Down in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. No documentary evidence relating to these tunnels survives although there is a strong local rumours that the tunnels would have been used as an underground operations room for Lt. General Montgomery (later Field Marshall) in the event of an invasion.
Ian Todd researched the history of the Broadwater Down Tunnels and produced the following (edited) report in May 1976.
Entrance to the system is by any of three small blockhouses on the surface of the forest. Inside each blockhouse there is a steep flight of steps leading down to the tunnels.
Usually the tunnels are flooded but at certain times of year or after a dry spell, it is possible to enter the system. Because of the recent drought (1976) the water level is very low and it is possible to wade through the complete system.