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Report - williamson fire and rescue equipment- oldham - sept 2015

scotty markfour

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HISTORY -Williamsons was a family run business since 1920 , providing industrial equipment for the local factories and ironmongery for the local citizens , only in the late 60s did they start to specialize in fire fighting equipment , even so they still provided everything a DIY man could want !

THE VISIT- visited with @Cazel#HT my trusty sidekick , we had gone prepared for scaling fences , this was not needed and access was gained.
williamsons is a nice medium sized derp and full of nooks n crannies to explore , a derp that keeps on derping ...lol . the offices are messy but in pretty good nick , lots of arty farty pics to be had , i took my urban exploration 10-18mm wide angle lens to give the viewer an idea of the place . we tried to cram in everywhere but i missed the bloody room with all the photos on the wall , right at the end of the buildings we followed the stone staircase right up until it nearly touched the roof , who bloody designed that ????
after spending a pleasant afternoon exploring this mostly unspoilt factory we covered our tracks and quietly left with no fuss , we then went to the nearby KFC to have a well earned scoff which was washed down with lashings of fizzy pop while we discussed our next adventure .
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Choo Choo m8ty

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Nice to see. But so gutted people decided to trash sections of it. Was a great little place when me and acid went. Thx for pics and report


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28DL Full Member
It's been 5 years since I lived in Oldham and I remember this place open, selling second hand and refurbished plant and equipment. It baffles me why the, obviously now unwanted and public domain company documents stay insitu to be lost forever to morons nicking tiles and vandals.

Great photos, along with all others who have documented it. Thanks all!

Choo Choo m8ty

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@BrainL Yea m8ty one up on here. Pics was not great has my cam just came from a drain lol.