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Report - Williamsons Fire and rescue Equipment Oldham - July 2015

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Another nice little report. Visited here with @ACID- REFLUX and @Reich. Not got a clue really on place but decided what the hell. After drains all day why not have a building it was getting quite late but was a good night. Have to also say that without @Reich It may not have happened Reich m8ty you know what i mean lol. Anyways looked an interesting place. So in we went.

Found this interesting
MYSTERY surrounds a landmark business in Mumps as its approaches its centenary year.

Oldham family business Williamsons, established in 1920, supplies fire and rescue equipment, tools and industrial machinery.

But on Monday workers were sent home at lunch time and told the company had ceased trading.

Calls and emails to the business have gone unanswered, and yesterday the business was closed.

In 2011 the company’s Susan Steer expressed concern about Metrolink’s impact on her family’s business.
the company went into liquidation in June 2013. But like most are saying it seems closed for a while in a lot of places. Im struggling to find more info thats new so check out @The Lone Ranger post for a bit more history http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/williamsons-fire-and-rescue-equipment-oldham-april-2015.t95496

It was a nice place to see glad i went. On with the pics. Now for some reason think cause of drains my cam was a bit iffy but pics don't seem to bad. @Reich noticed outside my lens had specs on that for some reason i couldn't see through finder DOH !!!!! lol







Nice Stables






YAY Kitchen love finding them lol


Sorry for some pic quality a lot turned out terrible. But i do hope you enjoy its not a bad little place. And my cam bat was quite low so probably Did not get has many pics has i could. Anyways thanks all for looking has always.

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Lmao 3 now and still more to do. But going to grab some food first. :-). Been holding back or lazy lol


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There"s not much point me & @Reich being able to climb stuff if you"re sat outside mate ;)

It"s funny but the crap on your lens (ironic considering where we"d been) has given your pics a Film feel to them :thumb

I"ve never heard someone get excited over a trashed Kitchen before, it was a new experience for me ;)

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Lmao @ACID- REFLUX yep my climbing skill needs work but. Now you mentioned it they do look filmy lol. @The Lone Ranger yea your post set this one up and it's quite a nice little place thx m8ty and @Lavino thx to you to m8ty

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Thanks @Will Knot lol wouldn't that have been funny bumping into you again. Hopefully will meet up again at sometime kk m8ty