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Report - Willington Power Station Cooling Towers, Derbyshire, 7th May 2018

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This is my first post on here so please bear with the terrible pictures as they were all taken on my phone on which I cracked the lens a few weeks before but it was all I had as I had left my camera at home.
Anyway, I came up here on a long 25-mile cycle from Nottingham with my friend and since we were nearby we just thought why not and came to have a look inside. I can happily say that the towers have not been demolished even though the council were planning to do it last September but clearly work has been postponed on that, however the towers are currently up for sale and if the national grid win the bidding then they are apparently planning to have them demolished so I thought it would be good to see them up close before they were gone.
After throwing our bikes over an electric fence we got access to the site and began to look around the towers.
IMG_1721 2.JPG

(sorry for the image quality) we gained entry to the first of the towers with an easy climb up. this tower and the next 2 towers were all pretty much the same


Inside the two towers closest to the main road there were these strange white rocks and occasionally a rock would fall from the top of the tower. these two towers were hollowed out and deemed "unstable" unlike the other towers which had the infrastructure still inside them.

IMG_4661 2.JPG




A view over to the Willington substation which is currently active and also over in that direction we saw some sunbathers who seemed quite shocked that we were on the site as well as them.

We came across this style of graffiti here and if anyone knows what it means then please tell me because I've seen it in other places around the UK like in Hadley Swann, Matlock, Ambergate, Nottingham, Denbigh Asylum and other places too but i have no idea what its trying to symbolise.

He didn't seem scared of me at all

Anyway thanks for reading and again sorry about the picture quality I'll bring to the next places i go to. I know this site has been done a few times in the past but i wanted to make another post on it to show that it was still accessible this year. also i took the train past the site back in June and the towers seem to still be up so if you're in the area its definitely worth a look

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