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Report - willington Power Station - Nov09


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went here recently on the way back from somewhere else just as a flying visit and i was surprised
also went to have a look at the underground room there
this is took from a news article think its originally from wilkipedia
In the 1950s, two coal-fired power stations were built on a site off Twyford Road, between Willington and Findern. The stations were privatised and sold off to National Power in the early 1990s and eventually closed in the mid 1990s. Although most of the stations were demolished at the turn of the millennium, the five imposing cooling towers continue to dominate the skyline of the local area. The site is earmarked for a large residential development, pending the results of a public inquiry. The construction plans have been met with local opposition, perhaps due to the site's proximity to the River Trent's flood plain.

In the mid 1990s, a pair of peregrine falcons nested in one of the site's huge cooling towers. Unlike many bird of prey breeding sites, this was widely publicised because of its impregnable location.

coal hopper

railway tracks to the coal hopper

underground room sorry pic shit but was taken making sure i didnt drop camera in the water

this made me wonder as a shooting range next to the cooling towers

coal weight bridge

think this was used to get oil off the water its the only thing i can think

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