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Report - Willow close Ironstone Mine Northampton March/april 2010 various visits


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Right before i start can i say i didnt find this mine a lad and his friend i explore with did (fazyuk) and i was lucky enough to be asked to go with them as they didnt have the knowledge to explore it fully.

I honestly cant remember when we first went here so have put various visits as we have spent days in there and have taken four gas readings in most parts.
This report was in private back from April but it has since been put in public so i will put that date on the top,
This is a lovely mine but needs caution as there can be bad patches of low air,There is alot of old horseshoe boot prints in there and also candle marks in soot on the wall if you visit please be carefull of this as they are too good to loose,
If anyone wants to know where these are just email me and i will give you the location but please note i wont give it out will nilly as i love these mines so if you are new or if i dont know you forget it.

some info on the marks on the floor

In footwear, a hobnail is a short nail with a thick head used to increase the durability of boot soles.

Hobnailed boots (known in Scotland as "tackety boots") are boots with hobnails (nails inserted into the soles of the boots), usually installed in a regular pattern, over the sole. They also usually have an iron horseshoe-shaped insert, called a heel iron, to strengthen the heel, and an iron toe-piece. The hobnails project below the sole and provide traction on soft or rocky ground, ice, and snow, but they tend to slide on smooth hard surfaces.

They have been used since antiquity for inexpensive durable footwear, often by workmen and the military, including as the trench boots of World War I. They gained particular notoriety during the Second World War as the standard footwear of German troops, which in conjunction with the distinctive goose-step march upon cobblestone streets, left a lasting impression of their martial entrance into countless towns and villages throughout Occupied Europe.[1]

on with the pics

3 more mines to come ;):confused:D
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