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Report - Willow Court Lunatic Asylum, Tasmania, 22-1-2010



hey guys, first report, so please let me know if there is anything i'm doing wrong! just read a few of the rules in the FAQs, so hopefully i won't stuff it up too badly lol.

I've actually visited this site a couple of times with a couple of different friends. i first read about it in the local paper after they did an article on it and how bad the conditions used to be. i immediately thought that it would be an awesome place to visit!

it's a relatively large complex (well, in terms of my experience it is anyay!), with 8-10 decent sized buildings, and we visited 4 the first time around, spending most of our time in the first one we got to. never having been to an abandoned Lunatic Asylum before, it was certainly an interesting experience! also marked my first urbex adventure, though i had no idea what urbex was then lol. needless to say, i was hooked! i've been back once since (some photos from that trip in here too), and plan to go back again in the near future.

if you're interested in the history of the place, there's a good article i had found, but can't recall where it is, i'll post up a link when i can find it again! in the meantime, here's a little snippet from another article:

"The first buildings were erected in 1840 and as the facility grew into a huge mental hospital and asylum, they continued to be erected until the 1960's.
The array of architecture includes everything from the barracks building designed by John Lee Archer in 1840, to the later Victorian and Georgian influences of the 1960s demonstrated by the Ladies' Cottage and the rare Arts and Crafts architecture of the nurses' quarters in 1913." it was abandoned 10-15 years ago from what i've heard from people i've spoken to about it. interesting, as i work at a couple of local private hospitals, and have met a number of nurses who either worked or trained there. from what they've said, it wasn't a nice place to be!

anyway, onto the pics:















cheers for looking! and like i said, first report, so any tips on how to go about it would be much appreciated, as would any comments! i think i'll wait for feedback from this before i go ahead and post up a couple of the other places i've visited!


oh, the rest can be viewed here on my flickr.
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