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Report - Wiltshire ROC Posts - Alderbury, Amesbury and Broad Chalke; October 2014

Bertie Bollockbrains

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Went on a road trip with Mrs KevinR visiting our local ROC posts and Salisbury Urban District Command. Since these sites have not been reported on these forums in years, thought it would be good to give an update.


Amesbury ROC Post - Open
Alderbury ROC Post - Open
Broad Chalke ROC Post - Locked, surrounded by high fence
Salisbury Urban District Command - High fence, looks locked and no obvious entrance

1. AMESBURY ROC POST (Last 28DL report - April 2012)
Open and just a short walk off a public footpath across a field, but please be careful of obviously carrying tripods or photographic equipment as it's right next to live RAF airfield and this would cause suspicion to those patrolling the MOD site. Home to millions of snails and stinks of snail poo :turd




2. ALDERBURY ROC POST (Last 28DL report - July 2010)
Open and again easy access just off a public footpath that involves no scaling of barbed wire fences. A pleasant surprise, as no signs of graffiti and damage and still a few relics inside - most notably laminated notices on the wall. The best non-restored ROC I have ever seen.









(Last 28DL report - April 2008)
Surrounded by a high fence with barbed wire, hatch is locked. Last 28DL report states it was open.


4. SALISBURY URBAN DISTRICT COMMAND (Last 28DL report - October 2005)
Surrounded by high fence, made no attempt to enter the compound, door appears to be locked. Escape hatch is locked from the inside.



Thanks for looking


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Love seeing these ROC posts. Both those in really good condition. Both like a Hilton compared with my local one........ :( Thanks for posting
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Ah, all the posts near me are locked, filled or flooded, real shame as i'd love to get along to one.

Nice pictures and report mate. :thumb

Oxygen Thief

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Alderbury is looking a bit stripped and bare, used to be the best post there was.


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28DL Full Member
Nice report. Good to see some that are not badly chaved.
Well done for getting out there as well, looks like its persisting down in photo 4.:cool


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Broad Chalke, I remember it well! :) Still have the keys and t-handle somewhere.
The high fence was to keep the chickens out as it was in the middle of a chicken farm (if WW3 had happened we'd be alright, but a bit sick of chicken by the end of it all!) but they forgot the 6" gap under the gate, chickensh1t all over the place :banghead During exercises the trick was to leave the gate open and let a couple of chickens in then catch them and drop them down the hatch and the poor sod downstairs had to catch them again and carry them back up the ladder. Not easy! One laugh we had was when one lad was calling in some reports to Winchester and we lowered the centrespread from one of the scut mags in front of his face until he focussed on what he was looking at and cracked up! Did the same trick with a lad talking on the radio a few years later with an even better result!

Bertie Bollockbrains

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Glad to have brought back memories to an ROC veteran. Just to let you know, Broad Chalke still is in the middle of a chicken farm.

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