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BBC News - Derelict Winchcombe hospital site sold for £2.25m

Derelict Winchcombe hospital site sold for £2.25m


The plans for the buildings are not yet known

Winchcombe Hospital, which closed in 2008 and was put up for sale in October, has been sold for £2.25m.

NHS Gloucestershire said the purchaser's intentions for the future use of the building are not yet known.

Councillor Ron Allen said: "People are saying that they want something that would benefit the community, and I agree with that."

The proceeds of the sale are being put towards the new hospital in Tewkesbury currently being built.


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..... then again ive done some really good small ones!
Thats what she said!

why do things like this always come up at the end of a week off! I'll try and pop over soon and scoot it out.....


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Went and had a butcher's at this place. It is currently sealed up tighter than a duck's butt. Looks like it would be a decent little place though




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Had a recce the other day. The site has been split into two plots that share the same gate and driveway. One of the plots has a brand new million-quid gaff on it, that I think is occupied. The other plot is the old hospital. The boards have come off the windows, and although work hasn't started yet it's probably imminent so it's now or never.

It was dark, wet and huey was sat in the bushes by the gate to let me know if an angry businessman turned up so I didn't give it a proper go. I'm not going to be able to try again any time soon, but there's a couple of potential ways in, and it looked quite old fashioned inside from what I could see...