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Report (Permission Visit) Winchelsea Tunnels Dover July 2014 visit.


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Before I start.. if anyone can provide information on quite easily accessible locations in the dover/folkestone area please let me know what they are and where to find them as I would love to visit more! (deep shelters/tunnels/bunkers etc etc)

Firstly I would like to thank the guys at PPR for allowing access with no notice to the tunnels and providing some information for us! if you plan on visiting just ask the guys in the garage on winchelsea road and they are normally more than happy!

Here is some info sourced from Subterranean History: Winchelsea Caves, Dover -

These tunnels, in the former Winchelsea Quarry, were used during WW2 as air raid shelters. They were constructed in the form of four parallel corridors with two intersecting passages. There were four original entrances in the quarry and two more which spur off from a junction at the opposite end of the tunnel. The quarry entrances are now used as workshops by the company which owns the tunnels and the other two entrances have been sealed. One was located behind the Westmount building and the other was located in another chalk pit in Tower Hamlets, where the houses of 'The Abbots' road are now located. According to ARP records of the time, the shelter was designed to accommodate just over 1,000 people. Some wartime photos still remain of people sheltering in these tunnels as well as many dated etchings on the chalk walls.







I would love to know who set this up in the below image, shit us all up at first but made for some creepy photos!


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Ah so your not only asking me via pm for locations but asking on the main forum..Its dover mate google has pretty much everything you need for the basics!

And asking on the forum is not going to really do you any favours when its not rocket science to find these places..this place took all of a few minutes on google after seeing someones report many years back

Nice enough pictures tho :)


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As already pointed out by Wevsky, generally easily accessible locations are easily accessible and easy enough to find with a little help from google....

Like your pics from here, that chair setup is bizarre but looks quite cool in a strange way :thumb


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Okay thats fair enough guys, I was just amazed by how much there is and didnt want to miss anything! :p:
Will be doing a lot of research on the web :)

Glad you like the images!

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