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Report - Windlestone Hall - 03/07/17

Tom Smith

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28DL Member
Recently me and a couple of my friends took a trip out to this location after looking at various reports on this site. However the main reason i'm creating a report on this location is because when i was researching this place via the reports on here i noticed the most recent post was last year and i wanted to share my experience to warn other explorers who may plan to visit here in the future.​

Anyway when me and my friends arrived at the location we were greeted by a security guard and a guard dog just near the main building, I began to talk to the bloke and explained that our intentions were good and we were only here to take photos and have a look around the site. He was nice enough but said that the residents nearby had called the police on many occasions because of explorers and others damaging the site! And he couldn't give us access to the site. However he was cooperative and understanding and did let us take photos of some parts of the site where he could see us. After a short time and some small talk we left and thanked him for not being harsh as we were trespassing and he could of been hostile.​

So just as a warning the site is now patrolled by private security and all entrances have been sealed. We were gutted we couldn't of gone inside as it looked incredible but i guess it beats getting mauled by a German shepherded! So i just wanted to warn other users to not try and enter this site without permission because it may not pan out as well as our experience did!​

Anyway sorry about the rant! but i felt it necessary to warn you of the danger at this site as of now. Never the less it was a fantastic site from what i saw, And im dissapointed that we could not enter and have more to share! Anyway here are the photos we got...


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