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Lead or Rumour info - Windlestone Hall, Chilton, County Durham


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I see its been done before, apologies!

Ive had my eyes on this place for a while, and almost got free run of the place when my father in law got the job of plastering half of the place out. Lo and behold, this tosser got hold of it and the shit hit the fan, so the 'open door' was slammed shut again!

Anyway, the attached story may put a twist in the tale, as the owner is up for fraud and tax offences, and conditions of his bail is that he lives and sleeps up at the hall. Now I went up on sunday for a look and the place looked deserted, albeit with signs of life (tea tray and kettle in one window, which I put down to workmen being on site but obviously for the owners use)

So, I reckon hes going to either do a bunk or get banged up, which will mean there may be a window of opportunity to have a look in here. May not be the biggest place in the world but Ill be keeping a close eye as I wouldn't mind seeing what is left of the former home of Anthony Eden.

Story Here:




History of the Hall:

Windlestone Hall is a 19th-century country house situated near Rushyford, County Durham, England. It is a Listed building.[1]

The Eden family who held the manor of Windlestone in the 17th century were Royalists during the English Civil War and Colonel Robert Eden who had served in the King's army was obliged to compound for the return of his confiscated estate. Following the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, his grandson, also Robert Eden, was created a baronet in 1672, (see Eden baronets).[2]

In 1835, the fifth Baronet, Robert Johnson Eden, replaced the 16th-century manor house with a new mansion designed by architect Ignatius Bonomi. The two-storey house presents a twelve-bay balustraded frontage to the east. A balustraded Doric order colonnade extends across nine bays of the ground floor. The north ends in a large apse. A billiard room was attached to the north east in the mid-19th century.[1]

On the death of the fifth Baronet in 1844, the estate and Baronetcy passed to his first cousin once removed, Sir William Eden, who was already the fourth Eden of Maryland Baronet.[2] He was High Sheriff of Durham in 1848.

The house was the birthplace in 1897 of Anthony Eden, who entered parliament as a Conservative Party Member of Parliament in 1923, later serving as a cabinet minister before serving as prime minister from 1955 to 1957. At the time of his death in 1977, he was living in Wiltshire.[3]

The house and estate were used as a prisoner of war camp during World War II, a satellite camp of Harperley POW Camp 93. Between 1957 and 2006, it was occupied by Windlestone Hall School, a local authority residential special school. Since the school closed in 2006.


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I drive past this quite a lot and I've seen cars coming out so had presumed it wasn't derelict any more..


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do you want to visit the hall? it might help you understand the situation better and assist you with accuracy. Willsa