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Me and a friend took a visit to this nearly completed Hotel near the sleepy town of Windrush in the Cotswolds area which has been derelict for around 12 years.

Outside view.JPG

Bit of history to start - before the hotel was built the site hosted a Latin American style cafe well known for it's tasty grub and polite staff. Unfortunately as hard times hit the area in the 1990's it saw closure and soon fell into disrepair.

In 2001 the last remains of the cafe were cleared to make way for the new Windrush Heights Hotel complex. The hotel was set to bring a new era of hospitality to the area but mere weeks from completion in 2005 construction on the property ceased. It was later revealed that the owner had gone bankrupt and could subsequently no longer afford to finance the build.

Much to locals anger the hotel was left in a disused state for many years which has been seen as an eye sore in comparison with the sprawling backdrop of the countryside. The site was listed on the property market in 2009 but no buyer could be found. The property was listed again a few years later and as of 12/08/17 the site has been purchased where 32 homes will be erected. It is unclear if the new developers intend to use the existing Windrush buildings.

State of Decay:
Upon gaining access to the buildings (open door) we could immediately tell that vandals had made their mark on every blank wall throughout the complex. It was also clear that years of exposure to harsh weather conditions had taken it's toll on what we assumed to be the reception area. Pictured you can see how one of the rafters is supported by a plank of wood.

In one of the rooms to the right hand side of the complex is a room with next to no roof protection. We assumed that this was never completed as there is little to no debris to indicate any kind of collapse.


With most of the windows on the lower level totally sealed the building was shrouded in total darkness.


Below is a photo of what we assumed to be the main reception area.
Marked photo 1 hallway.png

There is certainly no lack of Graffiti. Most of the walls have been sprayed with grand designs, although I'm sure the original developers would've preferred wallpaper.

Unfortunately there was no way to safely get to the second floor so we were unable to explore this area. It looks as though stairs were either removed for safety or never existed.

After searching the lower area and taking some photos we made our way out of the building and got some shots of the weathered structure.

outside view 3.JPG

outside view 2.JPG

With new plans set for 2018 the Windrush Heights Hotel complex will soon be a forgotten venture which failed to make it's mark on the local area...


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