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Report - Windy Ridge- south wales 2014

Bikin Glynn

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Ok this is an old one but have been sitting here wondering if this one still exists or if anyone else has got pics in here?
Took on my old point & shoot so not the best pics but hope this is of interest to someone!

I had a free weekend so decided to take the mountain bike over to South Wales, & only had a quick look the evening before on our friend google, to try to tie a bit of exploring in.
This caught my eye & I couldn't find anything about it. Dared I say I cant recall seeing it posted before, but am sure some of u will recognise it.

Anyway I ventured up said narrow winding road & the only place to park is right in the drive mouth. Apart from the obvious suspicion this meant every vehicle had to slow to get past my van, which left me on edge throughout.

I didnt do much solo stuff back then & was not at ease. at first I couldn't decide if it was actually empty as the front lawn & rear "field" was neatly cut so I was properly terrified, but thought I'm only here once, so jumped the padlocked gate & approached with a "Just wondering if u wanted to sell" attitude.

I found the rear door open & ventured in. I have never had such a personal feel on an explore, with socks neatly folded & unopened bottles I knew not many had ventured her.
the house struck a particular chord with me as the owner was clearly involved it structural engineering (a cow maybe?) which running a structural steel fabricators myself seemed pretty apt.

Anyway on with the pics, I hope I have done it some sort of justice!


Bikin Glynn

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Regular User
I used to have one of those Webley air pistols when I was younger. Looks like there’s some good stuff in there. Nice one!
It was a cracker but I was fairly inexperienced then so didnt spend enough time in there or get the right pics really. Would be amazed if its still empty but love to find out, unfortunatelly its 100 +miles from me.

Calamity Jane

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Some nice features there. that art deco fireplace brings back memories of childhood lol. But that singer sewing machine is way older than the 60s, such a mix of years in there. Nice one :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Don't suppose you'd be willing to PM a rough "location"? |tryong to get back out now I have more time and a decent camera :) I've tried googling places but I never get much luck :(


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