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Report - Winspit Quarry, Dorset Coast - July 2020


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Hey! I’m new here and just wanted to share my first explore. I’m based in Hampshire/Wiltshire/new forest and have lots of locations on my list to explore so expect more posts in the near future. Couldn’t find any info here on this one so apologies if it’s been done to death already.

Abandoned quarry on the edge of the Jurassic coast with caves to explore and sheer cliff edges

Date visited: July 2020


Was a stone quarry, used for buildings in London. Use ceased in 1940, when is was used a naval and air base during the war.
It’s home to the Mouse - eared and Greater Horseshoe bats.
Winspit Quarry has been used as a film set for Doctor Who and Blake's 7.
A young lad named Alastair Johnstone drowned here in 1935.
Public access, after a bit of a trek from the nearest village.





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Well done :thumb

As its your first report I've sorted your photos out and added date to report title as per forum rules. Please read this thread for report requirements.


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