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Report - Winstanley Hall (Part 1/3) Night Visit.

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  • The property was erected around the 1200's for the Winstanley family.
  • It is now classed as a Grade II building meaning it's unable to be demolished.
  • Unfortunately, access to the land and hall is really restricted due to new ownership from Dorbcrest Homes.
  • Access to the hall is relatively easy once inside the grounds.
  • To the south of the hall an outer building was erected to house bears to entertain the halls guests.

Torches, charged! Camera, charged! Go-Pro, switched on! Ready to go exploring Winstanley Hall.

Tour of Winstanley Hall;

So we started off at the end of the gravel path which leads past a couple of farm houses, ready to hop over a chain locked fence into the compounds of Winstanley Hall. Before gaining access to the grounds we searched the out house situated just outside the locked gates.

Once over the gate we explored the open derelict courtyard, unfortunately the fountain with Poseidon on was completely covered and also fenced off. So we went on to explore the buildings, one mostly filled with building materials and equipment.

One building that did stand out to us is one of the stables which was back to back with the outhouse situated near the entrance. The building had beautiful curves and architectural design. Also heard quite a lot of movement whilst in the building, possibly just the wind but maybe something of some interest with ghost hunters with this being an old wartime hospital.

As we explored all of the of the stable buildings we then moved onto the manor, If you are planning to get into the manor be careful on the ledge you have to climb to get in, it is covered in slippery moss that is very hard to stand up on.

Unfortunately at night we only managed to explore the bottom floor of the halls, due to the fact of it becoming very late at night. inside is very tarnished and decaying due to it being destroyed and also weather conditions. If you're planning to pursue Winstanley Hall as an adventure, be careful of security, dogs and dangerous parts of the buildings.


In this image is one of the halls quarters, as you can see there is plenty of scaffolding to keep the building in a stable condition.

Here is an image of one of the surrounding walls that connect the stables together, It's possibly seen better days.

Some good old solid beams here holding together whats left of this beautiful building.

Bit of a roof shot, managed to stick our heads out the top of one of the stables.

One of the members of the Winstanley family had a good view from his balcony.

The sheer size of the manor when stood under the entrance way is outstanding, something that has to be seen in person.

One of the many floors that now no longer exists due to weather damage and vandals.

Finally, one of the upstairs hallways. Decaying and lacking the vibrancy it once contained.

Unfortunately out of the 137 photos we took that night, only a handful of images made the cut.

To sum up;

Part 2 of the report will be coming within the next couple of days containing more images and a Go-Pro tour of our visits to the Halls, this is my first report so feel free to leave feedback or ask any questions about Winstanley Hall.

Many thanks to ChrissyRUrbex for helping with the trip round Winstanley Hall and supplying equipment.




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Fuck that. That place was a death trap falling in on itself years ago. Wouldn't fancy mooching around it in the dark myself.

Fair play though. My only advice would be to scrap the GoPro video tour.

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