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Report - Winstanley Hall - Wigan - May 2016


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Winstanley Hall - Wigan - May 2016
The hall was built in the 1560s for the Winstanley family of Winstanley; the Winstanley family were lords of the manor since at least 1252 and may have been responsible for building the moat on the site. The Winstanleys owned the hall until 1596, when the estate was sold to James Bankes, a London goldsmith and banker.[5] Winstanley Hall has three storeys and has a date stone with a date of 1584, but this is not in situ so may not provide an accurate date for the construction of the house.Extra blocks were added in the 17th and 18th centuries. Further and extensive alterations were made in 1811-19 by Lewis Wyatt in a Jacobean style. He moved the entrance to the left flank of the hall and replacing the original entrance with a window. The final additions to the hall were made in 1843 when an extra wing was added. To the south, on lands belonging to the hall, is a small stone building which was used to house bears that provided entertainment for the hall's guests.[6] The Winstanley Family also owned the Braunstone Hall estate in Leicestershire. The Bankes family retained ownership of the hall until the 21st century when it was sold for private development. The hall had been kept in good condition until the 1960s when habitation stopped. As the building decayed and the cost of maintaining Winstanley Hall was too much for the family it was sold on.It was intended to develop the hall into private flats, however refurbishment was held up due to Wigan council withholding planning permission. The interior is now in some disrepair.

I just clicked off the video to start taking decent pictures and actually try to gain access when we heard an old man with quite a large Alsatian. Who proceeded to shout 'Fuck off or Ill set the dog' so exited rather quickly and didn't get to look around the insides. Looks like all the floors have caved it, the other building at the rear may have been worthwhile looking at but I didn't get chance.








Staff member
They should have done something with this place years ago, crying shame for sure :banghead

You not manage to see more of it, despite it being almost a ruin, there are some decent bits & bobs amongst it all


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Wanted to hang around a lot longer than I did (because of the random guy with the Alstation). Parked a fair trek away as well and actually had no idea where the hall was, found it by guesswork eventually (and the signs warning trespassers actually helps cause then you know your heading in the right direction). I will head back one evening in the future!


28DL Member
28DL Member
he isn't scared to use the dog i got bitten by it last year and still have the scar to show for it. least you got a warning we didn't lol


28DL Member
28DL Member
Everyone said I should of reported it. I was new to the explore scene and didn't want why was you on private land from police.


Regular User
He's the elwyn of winstanly hall.its a decent place I recon it will get a few visits this summer from those who haven't yet been.

Keir Morrisey

28DL Member
28DL Member
Just tried to have a look round winstanly hall and before we even got close, the farmer came with his dog and threatened us by saying he'd set the dog on us, once we was off his land he found us again and threatened us again with the dog even though we was off his land. My advice is that if you're planning on going he be really careful as the farmer is a nasty bastard


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Me and @Lavino bumped into this guy on his field when was was walking back to the car, he didn't notice us till we startled him :D the ignorant prick he was. There wasn't a dog but he did have a chainsaw in his hand lol

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