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Report - Winstanley Hall - Wigan - October 2011

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I only just realised whilst looking at my flickr that I hadn't put this up, the images comprise over 2 visits in October

Have been here quite a few times its a pretty laid back splore but I hear others have had bad encounters, its going at if from the right direction and not really venturing around the grounds especially the outbuildings and statue of Neptune altho grand as it is, it's probably the best place to be potentially mauled by the occasional loose bullmastiff owned by the guy that lives in a rather ramshackle affair at the north east of the estate, the outbuildings are more impressive externally as inside they are more like haystrewn barns.

Some wiki-ness...

The hall was built in the 1560s for the Winstanley family of Winstanley; the Winstanley family were lords of the manor since at least 1252 and may have been responsible for building the moat on the site. The Winstanleys owned the hall until 1596, when the estate was sold to James Bankes, a London goldsmith and banker. Winstanley Hall has three storeys and has a date stone with a date of 1584, but this is not in situ so may not provide an accurate date for the construction of the house. Extra blocks were added in the 17th and 18th centuries. Further and extensive alterations were made in 1811-19 by Lewis Wyatt in a Jacobean style. He moved the entrance to the left flank of the hall and replacing the original entrance with a window. The final additions to the hall were made in 1843 when an extra wing was added. To the south, on lands belonging to the hall, is a small stone building which was used to house bears that provided entertainment for the hall's guests.

The Bankes family retained ownership of the hall until the 21st century when it was sold for private development. The hall had been kept in good condition until the 1960s when habitation stopped. As the building decayed and the cost of maintaining Winstanley Hall was too much for the family it was sold on. It was intended to develop the hall into private flats, however refurbishment was held up due to Wigan council withholding planning permission. The interior is now in some disrepair.

ok lets pik...


The initial view of the hall its pretty obscured by trees until your almost there , it displays in various areas the traditional and welcoming splore signs "Danger Asbestos" , "Unsafe Structure Do Not Enter" and the curiously ageist "No Children Allowed" , so bear that in mind if your on a family outing :)


Am guessing this is the main hall, it's hard to appreciate the size of this room on here


Most of the images are from upstairs as the gound floor is quite dark due to the boarded up windows which also obscure some rather large holes in the floor in some parts


Altho thats not too say the floors are much better up here


bad tetris





Artefacts aren't huge in number here but there are a few lying about



This room was quite odd with regard to its funky colour scheme in complete contrast to the rest of the place


I thought the wood panelling was ace as was the red velvet coated doors


Braver than other visits we made it upto the next floor


and even the roof where we were rewarded with nice vistas



and finally on the way out my first splore rat , oh joy.


Thanks for looking


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