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Nice little place to visit a bit off a mess but work is currently underway by the British heritage putting a new roof on and various other bits being done just hope it not to late ..
Winstanley Hall is situated on the
south-western side of Wigan.It was
built in 1595.James Banks,a goldsmith
from London, bought the estate for
£3100.It has been in the hands of
the Banks family ever since.This
family also owns land in Scotland.Coal
was mined on the Winstanley estate
from 1507.At the peak of production,6
pits were in operation.Much of the
estate is rented out to tenants for
farming.Captain James Banks,the last
occupier of the hall,died recently,
leaving the 80 room house empty.The
gardens now lie derelict and the house
is for sale.There is no scope for
development of the estate,since the
house is a listed building.

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