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Report - Wispers School For Girls - December 09


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Visited with Flubbera87, our first of 3 locations we managed to do today with varying degrees of success.

Rooks has done the history very well in her recent report, but to sum it up Wispers School was established in 1947 and this building was closed in 2008 after 40 years of service as a school. This is by far and away the most immaculate site I've ever explored, it's absolutely untouched.

We were only there for an hour and a half however until the trouble started. Whilst in a store room, we heard a car or a van or something pull up outside the window and the sound of dogs barking. We swiftly moved on, and ventured into the hallway where we heard the sound of a key turning in a lock on an exterior door so we leg it upstairs and spend about 5 minutes hiding in some shower cubicles listening to footsteps and faint dog barks from downstairs...eventually we realise we have to move away so we venture down a different hallway and then lose the sounds so we moved quickly snapping a few pics off and stuff, before we make the bad decision to venture into the kitchen/dining room. We locked one of the many doors and then, suddenly, from behind a door just a few feet further down the dining hall we hear 2 dogs go absolutely mental. Needless to say we absolutely caned it out of there, not stopping running until we hit the road.

Undoubtedly a return visit is in order:D







the massive walk-in safe






I did get some pics of the lovely wooden staircase but they were taken as we were leaving so aren't that great, but you'll find them and more pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157622838379187/

The rest of the pics from our other 2 explores will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow depending on the time as I'm reeling from my 4.30am start

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