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Report - Wispers School For Girls, Haslemere Nov/Dec 09


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Sorry for the late post, Have only just managed to take my photos from my card as its being an arse. :banghead

Visited in Nov/Dec last year with Mookster. (1of3)

After my recent visit with nickg, I decided that I would show Our “pride of south Oxford†gimp around..lol. :D

After sitting at Haslemere station for a good hour (trying to avoid morning traffic + to find a car packing space), for his train to arrive, We made our way to the top of Haslemere to the school.
Telling Mook about being cautious because when I was there last time the grounds man were about + school hall was in use. We crept up behind some bushes..across the front field.. (Where we did have to sit due to Dog walkers), and up to the entry point of which I found last visit.

After no more than 20mins and a lot of pratting about with masks and items in the “Video room†we hear a van scream up to the back of the building !... (we looked at each other..â€shhh stand stillâ€..
We hear some guys get out + dogs barking… then the noise I will never forget.. Keys rattling around in a door lock right next to the room we are in..
“Shit run†!..we bound out the room down a hallway, and up some stairs, “quick in hereâ€..as we tried to find a good hiding place in the girls shower room..
We stood still and could hear them moving things about downstairs and after a wee chat we decided we should make our escape and snap on route .

We headed downstairs to the panelled rooms and were snapping away when I said that there is a good kitchen next door that we should look in before we head off.
We walk into the kitchen and then “WOOFâ€â€¦ Crap..dogs in the next room.. we gotta go NOW !
Running may seem like a stupid idea but trust me. The doors are big and heavy and do shut nicely.. We made our way to one of the front rooms (where luckily I had tested a door earlier to see if it opened from inside which it did) Where we made our escape..

Dogs + closed spaces do not MIX !

If you need history, Rooks report holds all the answers + much better photos than I.



2. My attempt at a certain "Titanic" scene.


4. Photo of Photo's

5. Trying something strange...:crazy



I know these are alot of "Objects" but I will hopefully add photos from my late evening visit with nickg when I can find my external hard drive. :banghead

I am fully expecting this to be my 1st fail bin report..lol, But time will only tell.
Thanks for looking. :thumb

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