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Report - Wistlandpound Reservoir MAY 2015


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Visited the reservoir loads of times over the years but this is the first time I have ventured under it, mainly because I never actually realised where the overflow came out lol. Been meaning to do this for a while but managed to get it done today with Lectrician.

The reservoir was built in 1956 and is constructed with a simple earth embankment, it holds around 341 millions gallons and covers an area of 40 acres.

A new overspill was built a few years ago, which is all above ground. This is now very modern with great big slabs of concrete. Could be a lot of fun though when water is in full flow with the steep slope especially for kayakers.

It wasn't a bad explore and was good to get out after a long lull, worth a visit if you are in the area and looking to kill an hour or so,

The original overspill
Wistlandpound Reservoir 1 by devonD90, on Flickr

The start of the overflow tunnel
Wistlandpound Reservoir 23 by devonD90, on Flickr

Surprisingly clean, no debris
Wistlandpound Reservoir 22 by devonD90, on Flickr

A busy section for nesting, with several nests a couple of feet apart from each other
Wistlandpound Reservoir 21 by devonD90, on Flickr

Section of the tunnel, was longer than i was expecting
Wistlandpound Reservoir 20 by devonD90, on Flickr

Remaining pumps, (behind locked gate)
Wistlandpound Reservoir 14 by devonD90, on Flickr

Need more practice
Wistlandpound Reservoir 7 by devonD90, on Flickr

The overspill
Wistlandpound Reservoir 18 by devonD90, on Flickr

Part of the new section, the steep slope leading to the stream
Wistlandpound Reservoir 4 by devonD90, on Flickr

New section from the reservoir
Wistlandpound Reservoir 3 by devonD90, on Flickr

Wistlandpound Reservoir 5 by devonD90, on Flickr

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