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Report - Wistow Colliery, September 2012.

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Wistow Mine, Part of the Selby Coalfield.

I decided to call in here today whilst having a blast about on the bike, looked a little to inviting to pass up on, how wrong I was! I wasn't too pleased with the place in fact I thought it was a bit of a shit 'ole but here's the report anyways, I'll let you guys make your own minds up. It looked a good splore from some of the guys earlier reports but the place has been partially demolished in recent years, with both the crane and head stocks gone. A little history then, as this isn't a famous site by any means. Wistow colliery was a part of a chain of local pits all connected and mining along the shafts of the Selby Coal field, these pits were not your old type from the Victorian era such as Hatfield, Glasshoughton and Kellingley, these pits were opened by Maggie Thatcher in the late 80's. All mining had ceased by 2004 on the Selby coalfield which to me is a wicked waste of both jobs and resources. Mining had peaked in 1994 creating an average of 12 million metric tonnes worth of coal. It's sad to see yet another of our Yorkshire pits in such a state, living in a region of run down coal towns it's always sad to see another go.

Anyways I could go on all night, picture time folks! :thumb

We'll start with the sign on the gate eh?


The leaning tower of Wistow, nobody's been able to get a shot of it straight yet, probably due to the curvature of the lens!


Taking a walk inside reveals the obligatory chair shot and a lot of soundproofing holding on for dear life.


The Bogs...


The pit from another angle.


You must be Bananas!


Track Work!


And the gaffa's house, couldn't get in though sadly.


That's all fella's and lady fella's, if you do visit watch out for the pigeons, scared the living shite out of me for a second, walked into the bogs and two of the bugger flew right at me making a right racket! :( lol

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