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Report - Witham police station Essex January 2018


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witham police station
Comprising an attractive two storey detached former police station with each floor arranged as a number of individual rooms throughout including offices, interview rooms, locker areas, stores, kitchen and WC facilities.

To the front of the site there is landscaped grounds together with car parking area. To the side and rear of the site there is further car parking and landscaped areas together with a single storey outbuilding

closed in April 2016

in December 2017 was put up for sale with a guide price of £875.000 but was sold early 2018 for 1.6million
planning permission has been submitted to convert the site into a nursery school keeping all the outside features and nothing to be demolished

cannot find any history on this place :(

heading home from a fully day of exploring late one night we where hit by a closed A12 being diverted through witham high street i spotted the massive for sale sign outside so we parked up round the corner and investigated. Looking through some windows we noticed the place was totally empty.
Spotting our way in we decided to call it a night and come back first thing.
Arriving at first light we were met with a rammed boot sale on the opposite side of the road with lots of people taking advantage of the empty car park
after noticing the alarm boxes flashing green we walked off thinking its too bate so we found another way onto the site where we couldn't be seen
climbed through our access point and waited for the alarm to go off
lucky it didn't
we first headed upstairs and found nothing but empty rooms every item has been removed
making our way downstairs a few more empty rooms the main reception and a heavy duty door to the male and female cell block this is what we came for
unfortunately the custody desk etc had all been removed
another local successful explore

front view

cell block


removed police sign and lantern

round back

in a cell

male cells

from top windows



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