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Report - Witley and the art of leggin' it - 2006

si o doom

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Morning all, last night i took a scoot down here with MK1 and my mate who hasn't signed up yet (though i know you're reading this so i suggest you sort that out dude!). I went here lsat night to try out my new toy, but we'll come to that later!

Usual way round the lake this time in dayight, just as the sun was going down, the lake itslef is a beautiful place to be and was great to just chill while waiting for the sun to go down


so onto the underground boathouse, thought i'd try some HDR shots here as everyone has seen the usual shots of this place, but they came out bollocks really so you guys ain't getting to see them! (unless you really want to, but they are crap)

one cool shot though


When we came out of the Boathouse we saw some halogens on over by the main house, that i'd never seen before, and they were VERY bright, covering a wide area. but on the walk round they switched off so we headed straigt for the main event :D

Now then back to my new toy!!!!!! it's made for just this situation, here is a shot of me testing it out later on once we had left witley


fun fun fun!

Shots of the dome







So we had our shots and we had used the monster-torchtm

and we headed out to take shots from the land side, as i set up for my first shot i heard the immortal UE words "where the fuck is that light coming from?" looking up i saw that the woods by the boathouse were all lit up...............by the car coming round the road we were on!!!!!!! SSHHHIIIITTTTTTT RRUUUUNNNN!

now to those of you that know the layout of witley this left us needing to hit the treeline on the hill through the open ground by the main path before the car got round the corner! :eek: We all legged it for the cover and got there just in time, or so we thought. The car the drove past and on towards the marble boathouse, triggered the halogens there and drove back towards us. We hid in the trees, gathered our stuff together and headed out the top of the trees away from the lake, at which point the car came back round and started to drive up to the top road (yes the top road that we were now standing on!!!!) Cue lots of tree hugging and ducking as we head the longest way out being hunted and eventually drop over a wall straight on to a main road.

All in all a fun evening :D


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