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Report (Permission Visit) Woking railway electrical control room - surrey - sept 2014


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That's one of the best control rooms I've seen and I'd not heard of it till now so thanks for sharing. One for next year.


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I was under the impression there was 5 in total. 2 Demolished, 3 including this one still out there somewhere? I did a little bit of digging before but failed to come up with he location of the other 2. Someone must know!

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I'm kicking myself for not paying attention to what the guy was telling me about the other control rooms. He did have photos of one of the other control rooms and it was similar to Woking. It was good to see the picture which Kevin Arnold put on from Three Bridges. I believe that Woking took some spares from there including the Art Deco up lighters. I will try and get hold the guy who showed me round and see if i can glean some more info:)and thanks for all your great comments:thumb


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Some great shots from my favourite local place SG. I was only showed pics of Three Bridges while there (last year) - internal and external ones ( I took some shots of, hopefully I will be able to find them).. And can't recall anything about spares?
Certainly it is one of the best sites to visit in Surrey , such a gem...
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Bumping this to let you know, that this control bunker will be open to the public on Saturday 10th September and again on Sunday 11th September as part of the English heritage Open Day. No booking is required, just be there between 10am and 2 pm on those days.

Details on this website

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