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Report - Wolverhampton Eye Hospital (April 2013)

The Guard Dog

Will only bite a little bit... well a lot
28DL Full Member
A long time coming for myself to get back out exploring so here is my solo explore pics
Sorry about the poor quality.​

General info (Taken from TranKmasT's 2012 report)​
The Wolverhampton & Midland Counties Eye Infirmary was designed by T. H. Fleeming (1849-1935), in a simple Gothic style and built by Wolverhampton builders Henry Willcock & Company at a cost of 13,000. Part of the cost was met by local philanthropist Philip Horsman (who also donated the Art Gallery to the town). Two other buildings of different styles and by different architects were erected on site: the Nurses' Home in 1927 and the Outpatients'/Accidents and Emergency Extension in 1937. Immediately after the Second World War (1939-1945) Compton Hall (now Compton Hospice) was purchased to provide extra staff facilities, and a male and female nurse training school. In 1948, the hospital was absorbed as part of the new National Health Service (NHS).
The hospital closed in 2007 and has a place in my heart as the place saved my vision 12 years ago and I am staggered at how bad of condition the place is, I regard this as near the same condition St Georges in Stafford was 5 years ago. Anyway I accessed the site and when I go in to the place I was staggered at the amount of broken glass and doors off the hinges. I was walking along the ground floor and was looking straight up to the 3rd floor as it appears that the floors are fastly disappearing. When I made it up to the 3rd floor and went looking for the old wards and a chair for the infamous chair picture that every report should have I was walking in places on carpet, not floor boards just carpet. I was a little scared but I got the pics I needed and got off the 3rd floor with my heart in my mouth and even visited the loft part of the hospital. The rest of the hospital was fun to explore and I enjoyed the bottom floor but found parts a tad scary as I didn't have a torch with a lot of empty dark rooms you never know who's going to jump out at you.​


2. The place where I checked in to have my eye looked at.

3. The place where I ran into some shady looking men who didn't steal my stuff thankfully.

4. I couldn't find a chair but this will do I hope. :D

5. A nice roof full of holes.

6. This is what I hate about people these days. I can't understand why someone would do this to a place.

7. I was impressed to see a window not smashed.

8. I'm glad I missed this lift on the 3rd floor.

9. A ladder to heaven :D

10. Another trashed room :(

11. So Close to roof topping but not close enough

12. I remember this poster quite well and I'm sure a lot of you do as well.

13. They didn't have any drops left though

14. Coffee anyone?

15. Again why do people do this


17. Who needs a coffee machine?

18. lots and lots of files not filled in.

19. Another Corridor :D



22. one of the tidy rooms



25. This was overlooking the main opening to the hospital where people from street level could see me, a police car stopped outside so naturally I legged it.

26. Still no one on reception

27. A nice and spacious waiting area

28. Back of the hospital

People have told me this place is well "boring" and uninteresting but I enjoyed it and will visit again one day before it becomes too dangerous to visit.

A huge thank you to the men who were in the hospital for not stealing anything off me and being cool enough to allow me to take pictures unharnessed and unharmed.​

Thanks for viewing a full set is on this link


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