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Report - - Wolverhampton Royal (27-12-05) - 2006 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Wolverhampton Royal (27-12-05) - 2006

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Took a trip to Wolverhampton Royal Hospital with Spook yesterday, sorry you couldn’t make it Lillimouse. Access was straight forward, thanks Dweeb, but another one for thin people only.

We entered the 1937 building with the nice rounded glass ends first, this is pretty well trashed. We went up to the top and back down, managing to miss the Maxillo-Facial Ward but we were a bit jumpy because a snow storm had started just after we entered and doors and windows were banging shut.

From there we went to Radiotherapy then found our way into the medical records store. There were some lovely old leather edged hand written ledgers with the Casualty Registers. The earliest I found was 23-04-1931.when Patrick Wilson was admitted with a “cut finger†at 2:15. There were hundreds of castings of teeth in boxes and scattered around.

Then up through a big hall and on to casualty where the roof is made of that strawboard stuff and is collapsing in.


On our way out of there we heard voices and thought we’d been rumbled. They were running around on the roof making a load of noise and we didn’t know whether to stand where they wouldn’t see us or where they wouldn’t land on us when they fell through the roof. I saw a couple of them and they were quite young so we moved away. Just round the corner we heard them coming down some steps like a herd of elephants so we dodged into a side room. The leader of the group was only about 16 or 17 and he shit himself when he saw me. He said “what are you doing here?â€Â, to which I replied “the same as you I imagine but a lot f***ing quieter!â€Â

It turned out he knew the place quite well and took us to the swimming pool which we hadn’t found. We decided we stood a very good chance of getting caught if we stayed with them so we stayed there while they went off, noisily.

We then found our way into the 1912 King Edward VII memorial wing which has sadly been fire damaged but shows signs of renovation.




The only significant part we hadn’t seen was the Nurses Home.

We tried everything we could from the main building, the basement passage was bricked up and even the service tunnels were bricked up, from original it looked. We found our way along a tiny partly flooded service tunnel and up an 8 inch gap into a cupboard in some kind of kitchen area.


Ever hopeful we moved on, over a barricade of wood and steel frames and through the area used by security to cut up the wooden boards,

but were stopped again by a brick wall. Realising where we were and that security were probably the other side of the wall we decided to leave quickly, made a huge amount of noise getting back over the barricade and dived back down the gap in the cupboard.

Spook decided we should find a less gymnastic way out so we went to where the other group had come in over the roof. We followed their footprints in the snow for a while then they just stopped and we couldn’t go on any further, strange. So we went out the way we came in.

Outside we saw two of the teenagers we’d met inside being bundled into a car by an unhappy looking dad and wondered if they’d been caught by security who had sent for him.

Another good trip, highly reccomended.

John & Spook






28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Wolverhampton Royal (27-12-05)-REPORT (56k warning)

The medical records store was interesting and we spent quite a long time in there, it was in a basement and I'm fairy certain it was where 'J' is on this plan with the stairs down to it towards the road.

It was quite big with it's own seperate office which had nice little filing cabinets which were all empty.


There was a huge amount of storage but most records had been removed. We did find these interesting ledgers left behind.

And there were loads of these boxes with casts of peoples teeth in them.

There were also a lot of X-Rays which seemed to be of peoples mouths.

The plan above was taken from this site:
Go to the bottom and click on the Photographic Tour.