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Report - Wood Mine - Alderley Edge May 13


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Wood Mine - Alderley Edge - Permission visit​

Alderley Edge Mines hold particular interest to me. My would have been Father-in-law
Derek, spent a good part of his life helping to excavate these amazing tunnels,
caverns and rabbit runs along, with the rest of the lads (and lasses) of the Derbyshire
caving club. And my other-half Lisa, spent much of her youth ferrying butties and brews
along in the mine carts for the workers.

Wood mine is approximately 1.5 miles of mainly 19th Century tunnels in a complex maze.
It was worked between 1857 and 1877 with the main working taking place in the 1860s.
Although the mine was closed all its entrances were left unbarred. Accidents by ill equipped
visitors were many.
The mine was eventually secured in 1964 when the entrance was blasted in by
Mr. "Blaster" Bates, a demolition expert of some note, the shafts having been sealed
with household rubbish and builders rubble dumped by the local council.

The mine was re-opened by the Derbyshire Caving Club in the autumn of 1970. With
permission from the National Trust a small shaft was dug in the roof of the original adit.
This was the only entrance into the mine until the adit entrance was reconstructed
by Derbyshire Caving Club members.

Big thanks to Paul and co from the DCC for the tour, the lighting, the tripods and the dodgy jokes

Also present jbl.bass, Tom Sherman, Nickindroy and Marsden1002


The modern Adit entrance, completed n 2001 by members of the DCC


Once inside, a short walk leads to the first main chamber. Rather impressive in size,
and no way that a few lensers could light this...luckily our hosts had brought some toys


Looking back towards the entrance tunnel, this time using a single light source for effect


Moving out and up to the bridge level, and a few artifacts from the digs


And then back down towards a partially flooded section of the mine and a good chance
to play about with the lighting once again


Steve got through a few flash bulbs trying to set this shot, but it was worth it in end..
Cheers Steve :thumb


the second of two 'green waterfalls', the colour a clue to the resource of this mine, copper


more badly lit remnants of the digs on the climb back out


with last orders being called, it was time to gtfo.

Big thanks to all the lads from the DCC..next stop, West mine :D


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