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Report - Woodsgate House, Tunbridge Wells, Kent - October 2019

Chloe Explores

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So with this location it is all a bit up in the air with the history to this one. When I originally found this location earlier on this year around March, I personally thought it was a big family house with an apparent swimming pool... I told Sean about it as he’s also located in Kent. He went on his own for a quick mooch and showed me his shots, and we both was confused on the fire doors as we both had the original thought of it being a family home. Our theory was it was either a small hotel or care home because of the fire doors.

A lot of explorers appear to be calling it a care home and I did for sometime myself however after doing some research and failing to find some information on this house. Me and Sean got some information off some locals.

We know that the Tescos next door is on the same land so they could possibly own it now. Apparently Tesco’s wanted to put a petrol station there but the council won't give them permission.

Somebody said that way back in the 1950/60s it was apparently a private house that belonged to a butcher called Mr Smith. It was called a “beautiful house” and had a snooker table, football pitch and swimming pool. The pool was filled in many years ago, and you can now actually stand in the pool and be perfectly solid as it is filled with what appears to be soil and trees. After that the local authority then used it for a while as a half-way house for the homeless. It’s sadly been empty and boarded up ever since. My guess is probably around ten years or more.

Visited with @Seany Explores :p

Now this location is no stranger to me and Sean. We have visited this location every single weekend without fail always as we drive past it more than once a day. We always find it rather amusing because every few weeks the access always differs. It has become a game of what’s the access today for us.

When we first went there the access was the either the front or back door next to the conservatory. It used to be so easy but then it got sealed by the council due to a lot of teenagers going there, which probably would’ve caused a bit of antisocial behaviour. For awhile I must say the access was horrible where you had to climb onto the roof using the silver fence and climb onto the half fallen down stairs which honestly was so horrible and scary..... however we was pleased to see that we didn’t have to do the roof climb and the access this time was just an open window around the back. We did have to use the silver fence to get up on the window sill but that really didn’t matter because when leaving it meant I could slide down the fence - which lead to me having a laughing fit for an unknown reason.
I decided to bring my camera for the first time ever at this explore and take some photos. I never thought to before because we visit this so much I just didn’t really think to do so because I thought I could just bring my camera whenever I liked. However after a patch of not even been able to get onto the roof made me think the next time the access is easier; the next time I don’t have to climb onto the roof I will bring my camera. I was a bit of a wimp and didn’t want to take my camera when we had to climb onto the roof. I never wore my bag for that one either to just make getting in and out easier and quicker.

For a derpy building I must say this place is very photogenic and an interesting place to walk around. I didn’t like having my camera here but recently I have been wearing it around my neck again so I felt a lot safer with it.

Due to all of the floors having huge holes it took extra concentration for us to not fall through them as we noticed a lot more damage in the building that has happened over the last month. A few of the rooms were unexplorable due to the floor being like a piece of paper. As you can see from my pictures you’ll see how bad the floors are here.
I do have a few favourite things about this building which makes every revisit never boring and that is seeing the exterior. I really like the exterior and how old the boards look on the house next to the overgrown conservatory. The boards look so old and I’ve never seen boards like that before. From a distance I would say the boards are almost camouflaged on the redbrick.

Another touch I like to this place is the winding staircase. It’s just a basic metal care home looking staircase but with that the decay it just makes it look interesting.

I also like how the building curves ever so slightly, and the filled in the swimming pool. It has to be one of the most unsatisfying abandoned swimming pools to see however you can still slightly see the shape of the pool and see the blue tiles to it. It was very hard to capture the blue tiles as it is filled to the brim however I managed to get one okay shot of it.

I’ve also noticed this place has been a Kent tour bus location on Facebook and Instagram and now YouTube so I thought I would do my post on it and contribute to this location as nobody seems to know any history and really said much about the place.

On with the photos:






























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Calamity Jane

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Like nature decay, and this has loads. Guess this was mind where you step jobbie. Like the fisheye effects, used nicely. :cool:


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Apparently it was owned by the NHS as a dental practice, it was moved due to it being to far from the main site to transport patients.

Old Git

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Same! It really was! Thank you so much!
Hi Ladies, must have been around here a dozen times over the years and never noticed the pool. Its been like it for more like 20 years id say .I can remember before it was full of holes but was a bit rough even back then. Well done for finding out a bit about it as you always do Chloe.


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I live in Tunbridge Wells and never knew about this... typical!
I'll have to give it a visit soon. Great report Chloe :)

Chloe Explores

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Hi Ladies, must have been around here a dozen times over the years and never noticed the pool. Its been like it for more like 20 years id say .I can remember before it was full of holes but was a bit rough even back then. Well done for finding out a bit about it as you always do Chloe.
thank you

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