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Report - Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church (St. Curvy) (Detroit, USA 23 August 2013)


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Gantry Steele and I just came back home from a 2 week visit with family and friends in the States. :) We managed to get 2 days exploring in Detroit with friends amongst all the family visits, which was awesome.

Our first stop was St. Curvy (affectionately named as such by Detroiters for very obvious reasons). Woodward Avenue Presbyterian was built in 1911 as a Gothic revival style church in the north Woodward area in Detroit. The outside of the church is lovely, but the interior is just flat-out gasp inducing. It's fallen into serious disrepair, but I cannot imagine how fantastic this place must have been in her heyday. It's also gotten a bit dangerous--the entrance is tricky and there have been a few people mugged going in and out of the building lately. Luckily, we made it in and out without incident. (Except for one graceful moment I had falling flat on my ass as I was climbing down a brushpile--ouch.) :)


You can see where she gets her name:

Those amazing curves took my breath away (Hey, there's Gantry Steele walking into the frame of my shot--there were 6 of us in the building, so we were constantly walking in on each other):

I was laying flat on my back to get this shot--it's a composite of four pictures--I couldn't get everything I wanted into one frame no matter how flat I tried to make myself. :)

You can't see him very well in the image above, but a quick zoom shows you Gantry Steele leaning over the edge trying to be in my picture again.

Looking down from the dome (pictured above):





I think we would have happily spent all day in this building--it's amazing. I've got loads more shots to sort through, but I was too excited to wait--I wanted to share. :) Thanks for looking!