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Report (Permission Visit) Woolton Hall - Liverpol - June 2015


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This may have been stolen from @Paradox
The original part of the house was built in 1704 for the Molyneux family, on an estate of 400 acres that Richard Molyneux purchased in 1700. The site had had a house on since the Twelfth century, at one time serving as a the local headquarters of the Knights of St. John. After the death of Richard Molyneux in 1738 and his widow in 1766, Woolton Hall was acquired by Nicholas Ashton, High Sheriff of Lancashire, whose father was one of the original undertakers and the principal financier of the Sankey Canal, the first canal of the British industrial revolution.

In 1772, Robert Adam was employed to design a new frontage and redesign the interior. It remained in the Ashton family until the late Nineteenth century. The hall is a grade I listed building.

The house eventually fell into disrepair and was scheduled for demolition, until it was saved in 1980 by John Hibbert, a local resident, who bought it and spent £100,000 renovating it. The Hall was used for weddings and other such functions until it was sold to its current owners and In 2005, there were plans to convert the estate and house into retirement care flats.This however fell through when the owners ran out of money. According to John you can have it for a mere £3 million pounds

The Visit
@Loocyloo has been banging on to me about this for a while and when she spammed me while i was work with the same phone number i guess i had to give John a call... So it was planned Me, @redhunter, @Loocyloo and a non member had our trip planned...

if anyone is going i would recommend giving john a call he was so welcoming! pretty much showed us round and explained a few of the rooms then he just said ill be out in my van just let me know when you are finished and he will show us some pictures that he owned :)

Any Whore
The pictures













Thanks :)


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lol you're welcome ;) Lovely report although you may want to change your ending....any whore? lol:thumb

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