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Report (Permission Visit) Woolton Hall, Liverpool - Dec 2014


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Bit of history, shamelessly stolen from a reliable source (Wiki)

Woolton Hall, Woolton, England is a former country house built in 1704 and extensively renovated in 1772 by the influential architectRobert Adam. It is praised as the finest example of Robert Adam's work in the north of England.
The original part of the house was built in 1704 for the Molyneux family, on an estate of 400 acres that Richard Molyneux purchased in 1700. The site had had a house on since the Twelfth century, at one time serving as a the local headquarters of the Knights of St. John. After the death of Richard Molyneux in 1738 and his widow in 1766, Woolton Hall was acquired by Nicholas Ashton, High Sheriff of Lancashire, whose father was one of the original undertakers and the principal financier of the Sankey Canal, the first canal of the British industrial revolution. In 1772, Robert Adam was employed to design a new frontage and redesign the interior. It remained in the Ashton family until the late Nineteenth century. The hall is a grade I listed building.

So after being out of the game for far to long and not doing anything and a trip to Denbigh last weekend, a phonecall was made to Raisinwing and Wacky Tacky was decided. With a text from DemonHunter this morning saying he would meet us there, Myself and RW set off for Liverpool with my wench in tow.


Many thanks to Mr Hibbert for letting us in and giving us a tour.




Looks like a fireplace from Wedgewoods





Not something you see in a normal house is it?

While in we decided we wanted a look in the old convent that is in the grounds, not really worth it but when in Rome and all that


If ypur interseted, the rest of the set are at http://s1087.photobucket.com/user/baj88/Woolton%20Hall/story
And some of my favourites here http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php/34998-Page-3-Lovelies-rarrr!!!-probably-nsfw?p=1066835#post1066835

Thanks for looking​
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Re: Woolton Hall, Liverpool (Wacky Tacky)

Looks good mate - can we get a date on the title?

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Re: Woolton Hall, Liverpool (Wacky Tacky), Dec 2014

The whole world knows about this now, time for them all to be public?


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Re: Woolton Hall, Liverpool (Wacky Tacky), Dec 2014

Nice to see this under it's real name, nice pics mate. Cheers for sharing. :)


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Re: Woolton Hall, Liverpool (Wacky Tacky), Dec 2014

nice report mate! did you check out the big office block behind it? never looked in there:)


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Re: Woolton Hall, Liverpool (Wacky Tacky), Dec 2014

Shouldn't this be under permission visit if Mr hibberts let you in etc, I heard he lives next door to the hall.


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Re: Woolton Hall, Liverpool (Wacky Tacky), Dec 2014

Was a great visit
Wacky tacky definatly holds its name
Unbelievable place
Nice bumping into you lot