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Report (Permission Visit) Woolton Hall - Liverpool - Mid 2020

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Woolton Hall probably needs no introduction, It's an incredible building full of rich history and period features.

The current caretaker John is a real top bloke, he loves showing people around and telling the story of this place. It's fascinating to hear. He understands urban exploration and the passion we have for these buildings. He was telling us that he used to be the owner of the building then he sold it to Pakistani businessmen who kept it running until 2006 (he was the manager then). He said the place was still making money but the new owners decided they just wanted it shut.

Sadly now this place is really starting to decay, thankfully most of its natural because Johns done a brilliant job of keeping it secure. There is power but most of the bulbs have blown.

I'll post some links to history as them sites tell it better than I ever could:

We visited here 3 times over a few months to film a music video here. Spent many hours here it was a real experience. I wandered off alone for a mooch alone late at night and it was something else.
Heres a link to the video if anyone interested:

Anyway, onto the pictures.

Cheers for looking! Don't post on here much so sorry if its shit lol!

Shot on Nikon D3300 & OnePlus 7Pro

Any questions feel free to message me on here or email me - jacob.k.10.2012@gmail.com



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Always like seeing this place. Would love to visit. I do like the phone box, I was sure it was outside at one point, could be thinking of a different place though.