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Report - Woolverstone ROC Post - Suffolk - Demolished - Remains 2018


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Back on my mission to report the non-reported ROC Sites. Only One Picture, but still interesting.
This is Post Woolverstone. According to SubBrit opening July 1961 and closing September 1991. It is situated Between Woolverstone and Chelmondiston, on the west side of Bylam Lane which is off the main road connecting the two villages mentioned. The post is Demolished and was apparently situated on a field boundary, which seems to be a reoccurrence for ROC Posts. It is not known why the Post was demolished as it truly Is a quiet location with no significance. As a result one can assume the post was demolished because of the closure, so right after the closure. The only remains are a area of concrete Hard-standing not unseen with ROC Posts, (ALDERTON Post also has one.) for Parking out of the way. And a strange post next to the road. This seems to be the remains of an entrance gate. SubBrit mentions a corner fence post in their report so I assume this is what they are referring to. Though this is unlike the Concrete posts usually associated with ROC Compounds. The Site-


Not much to see. From the picture you can see the telephone line that undoubtedly would have fed into a pole for the post to communicate. I cannot actually tell where the Bunker was, and I do not know if a room still lurks down there...

The Site from SubBrit Google Maps...
Not much to see, still a Interesting site.

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